I'm guessing in Fairy Tail 534 natsu actually dies but lucy and gray somehow manages to bring him back to life. There's also a slight possibility jellal will die or get severely injured. Either that or erza will step in. I find it interesting how hiro finds space for mira laxus even though its hardly even a ship. It's kind of depressingly hilarious seeing zeref go from insane 'I need your fairy heart' to the most heart felt person in fairy tail and then, it's saddening to see the two lovers having to say goodbye once again. I always have such a range of emotions when it comes to fairy tail, from irritated to sad to hilarious. I know natsu getting injured was scary but when I remembered lucy talking about the bound also rewriting it, lucy will save natsu but not believing on mavis as she was drained of magic power and also anna who said she can force the timelapse to open along with jellal who said he can buy time. I feel like lucy would be in dangered because she'd rewrite the book. I think something will happen to her while natsu will comeback to life. I just feel it. I mean she's strong and all but what if she'll have to use her magic to bring natsu back or the book is too strong she has to do more and cost her life like or maybe natsu wasn't even dead but lucy still has to rewrite. Hiro I know has a twist in like surprise mode.
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Read Fairy Tail Chapter 534 - It was great seeing zeref use fairy heart, I really don't see acnologia besting zeref now. The only disappointment is that natsu would have demolished base zeref, he was certain that the flame would erase zeref, and he knows best because he almost killed zeref in their previous battle so he knows what it takes. And wow mavis. I have no words. But maybe she will be redeemed in future chapters. Since mavis is not dead, I can imagine her waking up and seeing natsu dead and realizing what she did. She stopped him and gave up fairy heart and got natsu killed. Also hiro showed us already what is going to happen, he did so with natsu against dimaria. E.N.D is capable of moving in the time of the "Gods" and surpasses their power. With natsu finding out makarov is dead, and finding out that zeref and his war are responsible. E.N.D full mode will be unleased. When zeref tried to kill makarov himself, he said he wanted to bring great despair to natsu so he become stronger. Natsu felt that despair before he died. Don't know how hes going to come back but hopefully E.N.D ends zeref and acnologia.

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You could read the latest and hottest fairy tail 534 manga. The finale of zeref vs natsu. If zeref changes time and kills acnologia before he becomes a dragon we could get to see acnologia's background zeref will also be a mortal leading to not meeting mavis and mavis wont learn magic fairytail won't be formed past lucy could get killed by that horse carriage that present lucy saved, acnologia wont kill all the dragons and the world will most likely will either be taken over by the dragons or a new dragon slayer will take acnologia's place maybe it will be past natsu. I can just see how this is all part of mavis' great plan that's been hinted at since I can't even remember when. You know, the one she had to defeat zeref once and for all. Maybe him absorbing fairy heart is actually a part of it. Don't get me wrong, I would hate it if that happened. I can just see it happening. Zeref gets trapped in time lapse. Which means zeref won't die which means natsu won't die. Lucy changes book of E.N.D so no more end. And she makes natsu normal. Seven dragons layers vs acnologia to finish manga. If you have anything to share regarding fairy tail 534 predictions or fairy tail 534 spoilers, please leave every of your message at the comment section.

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Lucy rewriting the book of end what sort of effect is that going to have on natsu and his power would this mean no end transformation or just make him human because just being human ain't going to do against zeref and the black dragon as they are now if I honest I'm a little scared were he's going to take this it's either going to go really good or really bad could it end up being she writes the book in a way were he can control the dragon demon form or something like that also what was wit the words that came out of the book of end where did they go or where are they going? Everyone from fairy tail is regrouping with cana and gildarts. Nice to see strauss siblings again, if ever so briefly. But the loss of makarov still hangs heavy over all. Speaking of losses, some incredible destructive power natsu showed after what zeref did to mavis.Unfortunately just not enough though. And hand through the chest. That's it for natsu, the new zeref was just too much for him. With this power, zeref should be able to defeat acnologia in this timeline. But overall to stop 'em both for good, they need to rewrite history. Is that mashima's plan? A never ending journey? Bending space and time or reality welp that is indeed overpowered but is it enough power for zeref to defeat acnologia? Natsu is the one character that can die and literally everyone shouldn't be surprised or pissed if he comes back to life, because it should be expected.

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