Natsu didn't beat zeref with the power of feelings, Fairy Tail 537 but lucy gave him the necessary ability to neutralize zeref by rewriting the book of E.N.D. With the whole "If zeref dies, so does natsu" thing it would stand to reason that they are connected. If lucy could rewrite this connection to spread the power of fairy heart between them or maybe even enable natsu to absorb fairy heart from zeref it would explain how natsu could overpower zeref even though zeref had an infinite source of magic. Or maybe the ship and acnologia crashing into the ravines of time while zeref was connected to them messed him up and natsu hitting him at the same time was just coincidence. Yeah I know, I'm probably overthinking it, but either way would be a lot better than "The power of his emotions burned even time itself."
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Read Fairy Tail Chapter 537 - Well as long as no one took down acnologia, have him be sealed in a time lapse, I am find with that. Anna disappearing with him, only disappointed she never to to meet lucy, but still her going away is not that impact full, as for ichiya I am sure some people like him, I always jokingly if hiro had to kill someone to make a statement that he could kill someone, let it be ichiya. Granted not really dead, you get the point. And I half expect ichiya and anna to show up in the last chapter, maybe ichiya is now lucy's great great great grandfather, I saw sparks there. Now than jellal lives, told you he wouldn't die, hiro said he pained to kill him off in rave master, so he wasn't going to do that again. As for natsu and zeref, you know what, whatever, zeref finally is stunned, his arrogance is gone, so I am good. What does mavis have plan for him, I don't know, I think they are going to find away for them to die, and get reunited with august who is know in the form of a little boy, and three of them will live happily ever after in the after life. Anyway 9 more chapters, so little time, hiro got a lot of work to do. And you never know might be even less time than we think, because hiro loves to do double and triple chapters, this might in a double chapter.

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You could read the latest and hottest fairy tail 537 chapter. If you have anything to share regarding fairy tail 537 predictions or fairy tail 537 spoilers, please leave every of your message at the comment section. I know I'm part of the minority but I actually find this arc to be really entertaining and interesting, sure it has flaws but it sure has it's moments. A true hardcore fairy tail fan learns to deal with the imperfections of an arc and appreciate the all the positive outcomes in the story. I'm going to wait until next chapter to get mad. I still have some hope that zeref will undo his injuries. Also that the time thing actually turns out to be the abyss that hades tried to open ,which would mean that they just gave the one magic to acnologia. I am trying to be hopeful that the series that I loved so much hasn't turned into this ,but that's probably just wishful thinking. However I'm still going to hold onto my hope for 1 more chapter because hiro is a complete troll and he might just be trying to make people mad.

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Well I really love ichiya and I liked anna to some extention and I truly did feel sad over there deaths and everyone else crying over them however. This chapter has made me agree that truly this arc is the worst arc in fairy tail maybe even the worst war arc in all manga. I'm hoping that it's the same flames of emotion that natsu used against his first overwhelming opponent: erigor. It's more absurd here, but at least things would be coming full circle. I knew natsu would defeat zeref but natsu defeating fairy heart zeref in his base form with e.N.D form? That is just atrocious. And mvp of this arc, ichiya. My god, what a gentleman. I can't wait to see natsu face lucy and gray and then something awful happened to lucy. Also really want to see what happens between mavis and zeref - been shipping them ever since mavis appeared for the first time, back then they were a 'crack ship'.

Natsu did say "See you brother" which means that natsu knows that he didn't exactly kill zeref and that he is still alive. I mean we could all conclude that this was rather a crappy way to end zeref I mean come on. He's supposed to be a god/ immortal or something. Maybe he didn't actually kill zeref, why else would he let mavis handle "The rest"? And plus he's got other things to do. Like, find or be reunited with lucy because ofcourse they have to be, he needs to know that she was able to revive him by rewriting/fixing some words in the book, and if fanservice can be granted, a nalu moment will happen and finally bring out E.N.D. To kill acnologia. I believe acn hasn't died either. Or maybe its just me in denial haha just expressing my thoughts here we still have ten chapters left and I'm sure that hiro can still fix it no matter how screwed this was. It's not impossible. So for me, I'll be honest that I'm disappointed with this chapter but it's definitely not the last chapter and it ain't the finale so until the real finale comes, I'll still keep my hopes up for this.

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