Larcade Dragneel

Larcade Dragneel (Rākeido Doraguniru) is part of the Alvarez Empire as one of the Spriggan 12, the protection guard of Emperor Spriggan. He is also a relative of Natsu Dragneel and Zeref Dragneel. Larcade is a well-built young man, with his most noticeable features being his upward spiky hair that comes as far as his shoulder blades on his back, as well as a large cross symbol donning on his forehead.

He has sharp eyes with an accentuated design around the crust of them, while also possess one noticeable earring to go along with a tight necklace that has a circular ornament attached to it. For clothing, he wears kasaya that has a rectangular pattern (similar to Natsu Dragneel's scarf) that covers one-half of his body while the other half is exposed. A light-colored sash is also tied around the upper part of the garb that streaks to hip to go with one around his waist as well. On his left arm, he has an intricate tribal tattoo with a decorative armband wrapped around it, while the mark of the Alvarez Empire resides on his left shoulder.

He wears dark colored capris to go with a simple set of open-toed footwear. To complete his outfit is two large objects that appear as crosses that are diagonally placed on top of each other. From what has been shown of him, he seems to be of a peaceful nature, evident by the calm passage he delivered to the Lamia Scale members he came across after he removed the souls from their bodies. He also has been seen to have his hands in a praying format, adding on to his tranquil persona. As mentioned by Invel, he can be very irresponsible, with him repeatedly failing to attend the meetings when summoned for his Spriggan 12 duties. However, he is loyal towards his comrades, as he saved a captured Dimaria from Lamia Scale mages. He also believes the friendship is one of the worlds greatest beauties, as when he witnessed Dimaria hugging Brandish.